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MessageSujet: Changements BE    Changements BE  Icon_minitimeJeu 27 Avr - 22:11

Je ne sais pas si ces changements son définitifs , voila pour le moment

Pour ma part super content pour le Meat treasher !! Le BE rhulic me motiverais presque a jouer merco ^^

Storm Strider
-Boxes: 22->30
-Loses Kinetic Accumulator
-Gains Build up Power

Vessel of Judgement
-Boxes: 24->32
-Eruption of Faith changed, On use upkeeps/animi/continuous effects expire. Spellcaster can keep upkeeps for d3 damage.

Winter Guard Gun Carriage
-Boxes: 24->38(!)

Wraith Engine
-Boxes: 20->24
-Unhallowed changed to: +2 ARM to undead models from ranged/magical attacks while within 8"

Arcantrik Force Generator
-PC: 16->17
-Gain Focus Power
-Gain Carapace

War Wagon
-PC 18->17
-Boxes: 24->38(!)

Celestial Fulcrum
-Boxes: 20->30
-Loses Fury Generator
-Gains Fury Bank (warlock can dump fury into it, max 3 on Fulcrum)
-Gains Power of the Stones (can leech fury from FF construct warbeasts w/in 5")
-Gains Veteran Leader [Blackclad]
-Flame Blast loses Smoke

Siege Animantarax
-PC: 17->18
-Boxes 24->35

Throne of Everblight
-PC: 19->17
-Boxes: 24->36
-Loses Bone Picker
-Loses Death Feast
-Loses The Feeding
-Gains Snacking
-Necrophage changed to allow Throne to make a magic attack when it destroys or RFP enemy model/models (multiple per turn).

Transfinite Emergence Projector
-No change(?)

Hammerfall Siege Crawler
-PC: 19->18
-Boxes: 24->40(!)
-Gains Reinforcements [Rhulic]- Returns d3 small-based Rhulic grunts to play, completely w/in command, w/in 3" of unit member.
-Now add to bonus in Hammerfall Theme Force

Sacral Vault
-Boxes: 22->32
-Now works for Trolls
-RAT: 5->6

Meat Thresher
-PC: 19->16
-Boxes: 24->36
-Gains Exhust Fumes, when it moves, FF models w/in 3" gain concealment.
-Gains Turn up the Heat, At the start of activation can gain +2 SPD, suffers d3 damage at end of activation.
-POW 12->13
-RoF 2d3->d3+1
-Gains Volume Fire (+1 attack/damage v. medium base, +2 v. Large/Huge)
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david " bazdred "


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MessageSujet: Re: Changements BE    Changements BE  Icon_minitimeJeu 27 Avr - 22:31

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Changements BE
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